Here's how it works:

1. Choose a starter kit

A starter kit contains some built-in functionality, like a blog, portfolio, or landing page. We setup the website and share the code with you via Dropbox.

2. Edit via Dropbox

Change the HTML and CSS code in your Dropbox and the website automatically updates as you work. No clunky FTP or command line tools to deal with.

3. There is no three

The website is live so you can start gathering feedback immediately. Once ready, you can upgrade to a public domain name and turn on optimizations.

Why others like Backlift:

Backlift is a much easier, faster and secure way of working.
— Gabriel Valdivia,

A developer doesn’t need to know how to set up Rails, Django or node.js to get started.
— Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch

Why you'll love Backlift:

Zero command line

Just save files in your Dropbox folder

Work like a pro

Use your favorite tools, like Sass and Markdown

Forms in seconds

Just a few lines of code makes your forms functional

Data at your fingertips

Browse and export your data with our beautiful admin

Analytics built-in

Test your design on real users, find out what converts

Start by choosing a starter kit

Starter kits contain specific pieces of functionality. Choose one, or choose a blank one.


Manage your docs from Dropbox. Use simple Markdown or HTML files. Easy to use, even for non-techies!

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A Custom Blog

Write posts using simple Markdown or HTML files. Update your blog via Dropbox.

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A Blank Template

Build and customize a website from scratch. Great for design prototypes, or for dropping in an existing theme.

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